•   Leading signout since 2005

    Our innovative and highly customizable software has supported over half a million signouts, promoting team collaboration, and improving transitions of care and patient safety.

  •   Accessible and Up-to-Date

    PC or Mac,  iPad or Android.  Any device, any browser.  Easy access to your signout and real-time autosync of patient information.

  •   Time Savings You Deserve

    Smart layout includes all fields on a single screen… no menu, no drill downs, no pick lists, and no more wasting time.

  •   Reminders Reduce Errors

    Calculate day counts automatically, reduce central line infections, and reduce catheter UTIs with automated reminders.

  •   Avoid Handover Fumbles

    A controlled trial of WardManager versus traditional handover methods demonstrated a 43% reduction in near-misses, improved confidence, and complete signout after one month of use. (BMJ November 2012)

  • Leading signout since 2005
  • Accessible and Up-to-Date
  • Time Savings You Deserve
  • Reminders Reduce Errors
  • Avoid Handover Fumbles

Our philosophy

We are physicians who believe that good technology enables us to focus on what matters most: our patients.  WardManager has led the signout industry since 2005 by supporting safe transitions of care and improving multidisciplinary collaboration.

Smart functions

Feedback and input from more than 5,000 physician users caring for over 50,000 patients has produced smart and innovative functions and layouts within WardManager, including standardized forms, automated reminders and unparalleled personalization.

Powerful integration

Originally designed  as a stand-alone application, WardManager responded to Meaningful Use demands and connected to the EHR. Many clients remain committed to the simplicity of the stand-alone application, while others use WardManager to complement their EHR.