Efficiency for providers.
 Solutions for hospitals.


Save Time

"We were wasting so much time and were getting burned-out!"

Save 45 minutes daily not transcribing. Quickly update your handoff in seconds. Redistribute and balance teams with AI-powered drag-n-drop.


& Safety

"It was hard to get a snapshot of what needed to be done."

We present critical data, summarized and organizated. Quickly seeing who should do what and when becomes the new standard.


Charge Capture

"We lost charges and staff wasted time tracking them down."

Charge capture takes only seconds, reminds you of missing charges, and collecting is a breeze.


Regulatory Compliance

"We were worried that we'd get dinged on our next site visit."

Out of the box, WardManager meets Joint Commission and ACGME requirements with drill-down analytics and summary reports.


EHR Integration

"We were tired of clicking through screens ad nauseam and transcribing."

Meds, labs, and vitals are pulled from the EHR in real-time and displayed to give you that high level summary you need.


Teams Collaborate

"Our EHR didn't even know who the attending is let alone the team!"

WardManager gracefully handles complex team structures and coverage (nights, weekends, blocks). Gets teams on the same page.


Engaged & Happy

"Handoff functions not used were worthless. They took too long and were clunky."

By keeping it simple, fast and smart, providers use WardManager because it saves them time.


Customize Quickly

"Our workflows were numerous, complex and not solved by our EMR."

We start with best practices (I-PASS, SBAR) then customize to meet your workflows using rapid development techniques.


Always Accessible

"We wanted to see and update the handoff quickly on our devices."

Access WardManager from any computer, location and device. Everything is synced in the secure cloud and shard with the team.


Checklist Timers

"Just tell us what we needed to follow-up on and when."

Just dictate or type, and we use AI to do the rest. See who completed what tasks, when, and their impressions.


HIPAA Secure

"Our patient information needed to be kept safe."

We are HIPAA secure. Leading health systems across the county have been vetted and approved our solution.


Implement Quickly

"Our IT team didn't have the resources."

We take this off of IT's plate with rapid go-live in a few weeks. We then support, so they don't have to.



"It felt like we were flying blind. We needed oversight."

Our real-time dashboard illuminates data that the providers and hospital care about.