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We have improved physician efficiency by at least 1 hour daily and 2-3 hours on switch day.

Quality & Safety

We saw a 15% reduction in patient safety events in the first three months after deploying WardManager.

Chief Resident Physician

WardManager allows us to easily create detailed signouts in a small fraction of the time that it used to take. There is no doubt that it has improved our overall patient care.


This is the best clinical software product I've used. It saves me so much time clicking around in the EMR, and the charge capture is a gift!

Hospitalist / Residency Director
District of Columbia

WardManager is great for safe, complete handoffs on a busy inpatient service. Our experience has been overwhelmingly positive!

Hospitalist / Residency Director
New Jersey

We can work on these from anywhere, and the standardization of input has been crucial. Extremely easy to implement and use - especially since the staff is so prompt to respond.